Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Night out on the town

We wanted to show you all the beautiful pictures from our night out to dinner on the pedestrian mall close to our hotel the other night. The lights are great and festive!


Anonymous said...


What fun to watch your explorations of discovery with Ava Lu!

Best wishes for many more fun memories as your incredible journey continues.


P.S. Too bad about the curling iron. No worries, though. Jim and Ava Lu's hair look great!

Anonymous said...


No your hair and your life have all changed! But for the best. You and Jim are going to have a blast. I know who is going to run that house Ha Ha Have a great time there. talk to you when you get back
Love ya lots Sheri Dawn

Sandra Meyers said...

Michelle, Jim & Ava:
We are having such fun monitoring your progress and great new photos each day. The office time begins with "anything new on the blog today?" and we gather to oooh and aaaah.

Little miss Ava is completely beautiful and looks like she's having the time of her life! The photos of the day you received her were amazing. We are thrilled for you all!

Can't wait to meet Ava in person when you return.


Anonymous said...

Micheele, she is BEAUTIFUL and she loves Shoes! I can see her personality loud and clear. She looks so at ease with both of you! Now the big question... Is she potty trained?

YOu are all three so lucky to have each other now. Enjoy, the best is yet to come!