Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Our niece Bianca graduated from high school in June. She is an amazing young woman! We enjoyed a family lunch celebration.

Ava Lu loves her cousins Bianca and Danielle. They are three beautiful girls - inside and out! We know that God's hand is on all of their lives and trust that He is ordering Bianca's steps even now into this next season of her life.

Love you, girls!

Dress up

Ava Lu is really taking to playing dress up. She was in her room and came out with this lovely mixture of pink, purple and ribbons - perfectly adorned. She then thought her outfit was perfect for riding and playing in the backyard.

I love her zest for life and unabandoned quest for style!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ava Lu's friend Jack

Ava Lu has a little friend - Jack - who lives down the street. He is just one of the many who she yells out to when we pass by their house (as I'm trying to breathe, jog and steer the jog stroller all at the same time - not wanting to draw attention to me as I'm panting by). But, she truly hopes to catch a glimpse of her little friend - just to say hi with such glee, preferably stop to play for a bit or to be so excited by knowing and loving others!

The moral of the story here is that Ava Lu loves her friends. It's such a blessing to see her play, laugh and connect with these little people. I am blessed by her undying love for people and friendship - a reminder to me daily of what's important: people.

So, here's a little reminder to take time out to stop and play!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

My biggest cheerleaders

Last weekend I ran in my first 5K after participating in a training program. I ran 2 of the miles and that was a HUGE accomplishment for me. Below is a picture with Jessica - my training buddy and much younger team member from work!

My two biggest cheerleaders were waiting at the finish line for me ----- with a balloon, flowers, card and cheering with a Dora whistle.

It's so amazing to have the unconditional love of my daughter and husband.

Love you, Ava Lu & Jim!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Preschool promotion

Ava Lu had her 1st year preschool promotion program last night. She was sunshine on a stick (to use one of my friend Kim's sayings) on the stage singing her songs with the class - with such excitement, exuberance and life!

Her little hat kept falling off - my fault, I made it too small. I'll do better next year baby girl, I promise!
I sat on the front row with tears in my eyes - tears of joy and amazement: I am so blessed to be this little jewel's mommy!
I love you, Ava Lu. You are my sunshine!