Saturday, February 24, 2007

We're in China

We're now in Guangzhou where time with our adoption agency begins tomorrow! We left SFO on Wed, Feb. 21 and were in Hong Kong for a few days. Our hotel in Hong Kong was fabulous - they upgraded us to a suite for free. It was great to see Hong Kong and it was exactly as we pictured - lots of people, TALL buildings, neon lights and shopping galore. We took the tram up to Victoria Peak (you'll see in the pictures) over on Hong Kong Island. What an amazing view of Hong Kong and Kowloon.

Phillip from our agency's China Team met us at the Guangzhou train station (we took the train over from Hong Kong) and had the hotel bus there ready to take all of our luggage - YAY.

Here are a few pictures from our first few days. They are not nearly as exciting as our photos to come on Monday and Tuesday but I wanted to test out loading photos onto Judy's laptop (thanks, Judy, for letting us borrow your laptop for the trip!) and posting them on the blog.

Please keep praying for us for continued health and blessing while we're in China.

Love to you,
Jim and Michelle


Anonymous said...

You guys look amazing--You are getting closer and closer to your big day-I am praying for you!


Donna said...

Wow! You're there! Phillip was our guy two summers ago when we adopted Gwen. I'm not sure if he remembers us but tell him that we sure do remember him! (He might remember that he took us to the Shenzhen SWI)

Anyway, I just can't wait until the exciting pics hit your blog on Monday! It really is wonderful to follow this journey with other families since it reminds us so much of our own amazing adventure(s)!

Enjoy your last few nights of sleep!

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