Thursday, February 15, 2007

Travel Dates!!!!

We received our travel dates a few weeks back. Below is our travel timeline. It's hard to believe our time to get Ava Lu is just around the corner. When will it set in that this is really happening????

Feb. 21 - SFO to Hong Kong
Feb. 22-24 - in Hong Kong
Feb. 24 - train to Guangzhou and arrive at our hotel
Feb. 25 - meet with our agency travel group at the hotel
Feb. 26 - fly to Chongqing & get Ava Lu!!!!
Feb. 26-Mar. 3 - in Chongqing
Mar. 3 - fly back to Guangzhou
Mar. 3-9 - in Guangzhou, finalize paperwork and receive consoluate approval
Mar. 9 - train back to Hong Kong and stay the night
Mar. 10 - Hong Kong to SFO

We appreciate all of the prayers for our safe and amazing journey to China to get Ava Lu. We'll do our best to update our blog while we're there so you can see new pictures of our baby girl.

Thank you for your continued support, love and prayers - we are amazed at the outpouring of encouragement.

Jim and Michelle

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