Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Our day at the zoo and art gallery

Here is Ava starting the day off at breakfast yesterday. She is very independent and likes to feed herself with about three utensils at a time.
After breakfast, we went with the group to the local zoo/park. It made me quite proud of the Sacramento Zoo! We did however see Pandas and a few Tigers. The joy was, of course, watching Ava look at the animals with such intent.

We also went to a local art gallery and had a chinese painting on rice paper made of Ava's Chinese name (Jiang, Mei Yu) made. It was a full day. We ended up at a place called "Hot Pot" for a late lunch. It was a Chinese version of our Melting Pot fondue restaurant, without chocolate course at the end.

Here are a few shots of Ava. She is precious and very much alive! You can see that she liked riding on our shoulders. Will my hair ever look good again??? You know, both my curling iron and flat iron went out here in China.

Love to you from China,

Jim, Michelle & Ava

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Bob said...

When Ava will be a little older, you can teach her chinese painting...