Friday, March 2, 2007

Going back to Guangzhou

We've had a glorious time in Chongqing and really don't want to leave. It's a beautiful city on hills (kind of like San Francisco) with a wonderful feel to it. I'll post more pictures later tonight after we get back to Guangzhou.

Thanks so much for checking in on us. Our Ava Lu is doing well. Pray for our flight to Guangzhou - it will be her first plane ride.

Jim and Michelle


Anonymous said...

I've set you on my RSS page and can't wait to sign on everyday to an update - see new pictures and expressions of such joy from you - proud new Mommy and Daddy. Your love and joy for Ava Lu is tangible and my heart is full of emotion for you both. I just wonder Michelle, if Ava Lu will tell her friend Manaame to go home... :) Love, hugs and joy to the three of you.

Donna said...

I hope the flight went well! Can't wait to follow the rest of your journey in Guangzhou! Say hello to the China team for me! They're awesome!