Saturday, September 25, 2010


It's official - Ava Lu is a kindergartener! She is loving life in Mrs. Delsol's class and all the learning. In fact, my mom's neighbor asked her yesterday if she had a good day at school and if she learned anything. Ava's response was, "of course, I learn something EVERY DAY!"

Here are a few of her first day of kindergarten pictures. Isn't she the cutest? So, confident, yet small and sweet! This last one was after the first day of school on the porch swing. Doesn't she look tuckered out?

Let elementary school begin,


Monday, September 6, 2010

Summer snapshot

We have had a great summer. I took three weeks off - one in each month: June, July and August. I loved it. . . time filled with precious memories.Add Image

The first week off featured a girls road trip with my mom and Ava Lu. We went down to see my other favorite girls in the world - my cousins in Salinas which included a trip to Monterey and an overnight get-a-way in Santa Cruz. We ended the week with a three-day celebration of the 4th of July.

The second week off was filled with Tahoe fun: Jim, Ava Lu and I love our time on Moon Dunes beach and all our other annual trip traditions!

The third week was this last week: my birthday week and the week before Ava Lu started Kindergarten. I was so thankful for the quality time with my girlie. And, of course, all the treats, gifts, lunches out and pool time with my darling hubby, mom and friends.
Summer time is my favorite time - cherries to eat, BBQ's to share, tomatoes in the garden AND all the holiday weekends, lazy long days, summer mornings. . . filled with fun, love and frolicking. Michelle

Friday, September 3, 2010

Meeting Kindergarden teacher, Mrs. Delsol

Today was a big day in our house. . . . we met Ava Lu's kindergarden teacher, Mrs. Delsol. It was very nice, they held an orientation for all the children so they'd know their seat, place in line, cubby/art box and all the other fun things in the kindergarden room.

Ava Lu was so excited to meet "Mrs. Delsol." She'd been working on saying her name for the last few days so she was ready for the introduction and orientation day! One of the coolest things is that when she saw Ava Lu for the first time, she looked Ava Lu in the eyes and said, "Ava Lu. . . I was wanting to see the little girl who had this special name." I was so blessed by the level of engagement at their first meeting.

I have mixed emotions about kindergarden - my baby girl is growing up but it's always so amazing to see Ava Lu enter into a new journey/moment. She has such a love for life. We're just so blessed to live life along side her as her parents.

While I have so many summer photos to post to get caught up, I had to post something today about this fun and milestone day!