Saturday, July 9, 2011

Swim team

This is Ava Lu's second year on swim team and oh it is so much fun! She is improving with each week, lesson, practice and meet. What's most important is that she is enjoying it thoroughly.

I love the dedication, focus and spirit in which she brings to this sport. She's a tiny mite and we are soooo proud of her. She may be the smallest on the 6 and unders (and she's 6) but she has all the heart.
Go Gators!


Monday, July 4, 2011

Celebrating America - Happy 4th of July

It's always an honor to celebrate our Great Country and the Freedom we have as Americans. We got to celebrate it for four days this year. I only took a few pictures of Ava Lu on my phone (which are not the best quality) but I can't help but capture her in red, white and blue.

The first day we went to a neighborhood block party. It's a fun night that our association plans. . . filled with activities for the children and a fireworks show. We met up with our CG neighborhood friends for such a great night kicking off our 4th of July festivities.

The second day we went to our Cabana Club. They plan a celebration each year at the pool and the night ends with another great fireworks show! We had friends join us at this fun night as well. We are blessed by such wonderful friends in the neighborhood.

The third day was our 4th of July celebration at church. It was a great service but the treat for me was the parade at the end with all the children carrying festive 4th of July handmade flags, stars, etc. The tears were flowing. . . I will was reminded of how blessed we are that God sent us all the way to China to fulfill his promise of our daughter and to see her proudly celebrating America is just something I hope that I never take for granted. We enjoyed a BBQ and then another trip to the pool.

Today was actually 4th of July and we spent the day with my mom joining us. . . relaxing a bit with a matinee and then a BBQ at the pool (again).

I am thankful to God for our freedom, our great land and my amazing family.

I am truly proud to be an American!