Friday, May 11, 2012

Six. . . it just flew by!

I am busy planning Ava Lu's 7th birthday party, and in the midst of all the details, I am struck by how fast her 6th year of life flew by.  VBS, Swim team, Tahoe, soccer, Daisy Scouts, 1st grade, learning to ice skate (and loving it!), "thrill rides (kid size, that is) at Six Flags, real homework, learning to read, Chinese dance, skiing and so much more, has filled our days with joy as we watch Ava Lu embrace each day with an amazing love for life and people.

I am always a little sad her age increases to another number because I truly love each age we've been blessed to experience with Ava Lu. She is truly our daughter of promise and a constant reminder of God's fulfillment and plan for our lives.

- Michelle