Tuesday, August 18, 2015

For the Love of Being on a Book Launch Team!

Earlier this year one of my favorite mom blogger/authors, Jen Hatmaker posted a "call" for individuals to apply to be on the launch team of her next book, For the Love. 

I was immediately intrigued and interested to be part of something so awesome with a woman who has helped shed light and freedom "to be me" as a woman. While I can't recall the perfectly crafted "God only knows what I said" application for the launch team, I wrote my pitch and pressed send on the submission.

So, as you can imagine, when I received the you are in For the Love launch team E-mail, I was surprised and excited! There was a link to read the super secret launch team electronic version for downloading. I immediately put my mad sucky IT skills to work and downloaded the PDF to my Kindle. Admittedly, I couldn't wait for the hard copy to arrive so I could thumb through the pages and earmark just the perfect pieces to review and write about when the time came. 

Truth be told, there are so many chapters and "Thank-you notes" mini sections of the book that spoke to my life - some as much-needed humor relief and some as heart-changing words. I would full on belly laugh out loud while reading on the plane, while sitting poolside at the lazy river on Spring Break, in a pedicure chair and in the solace of my cozy living room while learning about the no-no's of leggings as pants and tights as leggings. And, I was moved to tears and the opening of my heart in hearing God's words to me through Jen's writing as i paged through On Calling and Haitian Women, Run Your Race and Hope for Spicy Families.

I could write all day about 2015 and the work that is being done in my heart and life and how being part of this book launch team has been part of the journey. While I feel like a little-small somebody in CA who was selected among female influencers across the world to help launch this book for the amazing Jen Hatmaker, I know that it was NOT by chance and part of God's doing in my life. It gave me a new bounce in my step as a mom, girlfriend, professional woman and helped nudge me to believe for dreams and purpose in a way I haven't for many years.

You can watch Jen's trailer for the book here. And, this video gives you a glimpse of the very very important fashion tips (leggings as pants, etc.) in the book here. Lastly, this video is a snippet of Jen's beautiful, authentic view on parenting.

So, For the Love officially launches today. You can order a copy on Amazon or stop by Barnes & Noble to pick one up. Or, you can win a book from me! Yep, that's right, it's my birthday month and I've givin' away a gift! Just leave a comment below and/or comment on my Facebook post and I'll have Ava Lu (because, of course, this is her blog afterall, FOR THE LOVE), draw a random number for the winner. I will select the winner on Friday, August 21. Oh, by the way, my review and name is in the back of the book. Super exciting, right? 

Happy  FOR THE LOVE Launch Day, Jen Hatmaker. Thanks for letting me part of your BIG DEAL.