Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Spring, Birthday and Summer!

I can't believe all the time that has passed since my last post. It's been a busy few months with Spring, two bouts of the flu in the house, Ava Lu's birthday extravaganza, swim meets, a dance recital and the beginnings of summer.

Here a few photos of what's been going on with us via the life of Ava Lu!
Ava Lu's 5th birthday party. We had a wonderful princess who came to the party and created such beautiful face painting designs on all the children. The birthday girl went first and had a beautiful butterfly face. It was a wonderful party and such fun celebrating our precious girl.

Ava Lu's swim meets. Here a few snapshots of her very first meet. Can you say "natural star." She did amazing!

And, end of the year preschool celebrations. Spring sing, waving at mommy, daddy and Nana!

Park play day.

I'm reminded daily and with each passing fun moment that I am so blessed to be this precious girl's mommy. What a joy to experience life at her side!