Sunday, August 31, 2008

CA State Fair

A few weeks ago, on opening night (in 100+ temp), we took Ava Lu to the CA State Fair. She enjoyed it so much more this year - it's amazing what a difference the year makes. She rode a pony without clutching for life to our hand, rode several other kiddee rides and had a great time running from fun to fun!

She sure enjoyed using her FUNPASS on all the colorful rides. As she went by on the airplane, helicopter, spaceship, train. . . . she waved and said "hello" to all who would greet her.

Oh the joys of a warm summer night at the Fair!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dr. Ava Lu

My brother works for All Heart, a large medial supply and unform company ~ he brought Ava Lu these scrubs when he came to visit a few weeks ago.

Here she is modeling them in her "doctor" outfit the first time she wore them as jammies. Of course, the fact that they have Ariel on them makes them all the better - Ava Lu just LOVES Ariel.

The crazy part about this is particular "doctor story" is that my mom was in the hospital for a week (last week) and Ava Lu now says she wants to be a doctor. This was even before she ate the hospital food delivered to my mom (stew) and said "yum." Who says that about hospital food? Maybe she is destined for a life in the medical center!

Ava Lu makes us laugh each and every day and in the meanime, she now has the right outfit for her hospital life - and really that's all that's important for her to play out her dreams at this time in her life.

Thank you, Uncle Robert, for my Ariel doctor outfit!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tahoe Fun

We went on our first family vacation with Ava Lu - to Lake Tahoe. It was a week filled with fun and relaxation. Ava LOVED the beach, playing in the sand, riding in the boat with mommy & daddy and just exploring new things. She called the cottage that we stayed in our "little house."

She had her first sailboat ride, first boat/raft ride in the lake, first gondola ride (up 8,200 ft, no less), first movie in the park AND first shopping trip at a art fair. All very much part of what Jim and I enjoy doing in Tahoe - so fun to have our girl with us to carry on the tradition. Ava Lu's excitement for life and the beauty she brings to each new day is truly a blessing!


Friday, August 1, 2008

Sailing in Tahoe

We went to Tahoe for the week and Ava Lu enjoyed the sailing trip. Here are a few pictures from the boat. More photos of our entire week to come in our next post. For now, here's Ava Lu on her first sailing exhibition! You can tell she had a good time - our adventurous little princess.