Monday, February 26, 2007

More Ava

Of course, we want to show you all more pictures of Ava.

We're trying to capture her firsts with us! Here's her first morning after waking up and a bottle in her Minnie Mouse pajamas. Also, here she is after her first morning bath (which she didn't like too much - I stood in the tub to move my feet and splash a little so she'd be happier!). She did love Jim brushing her hair after the bath AND she loved the little red shoes and outfit that we put on her. Her face lit up when Jim showed her the shoes! He said she is a true girl - loves the sparkly pretty things already.

Also, here are pictures from her first trip to the River (Yangtze) and on the bus to Walmart (yes, we went to Walmart as a group to buy stuff we'd need. The Walmart is a bit different and two floors, but still very much Walmart! It is a cross between ours in the states and a super market in Mexico that we went to in the Mayan Riviera).

Thanks for the e-mails and prayers. It so wonderful to know that our family and friends are so excited along with us. We are so glad that you all love her already!

Love to you,

Ava's Mommy and Daddy

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Tara said...

hello Michelle, Jim and Ava Lu!

I have only started to share this journey with you and my eyes fill with tears of joy and happyness as I view and read your story. It so great to have a new little one.