Thursday, March 8, 2007

Last days in China


Here are some photos from our last few days in China.

We went out to downtown Guangzhou yesterday and on a Pearl River cruise (it was cold - hence the scarf and hat). Also, we were so happy to have Ava smiling during her bath that we took pictures! You can see that she was the belle of the ball tonight at our farewell dinner party. Is she amazing in her pink outfit? Oh my, she danced her feet off. In fact she cried when it was over and time to leave. She truly was outstanding at the party. Individuals we didn't even know were taking video of her dancing and twirling around. You can see, by the end of the party, her bow is off.

We have our farewell group lunch tomorrow and get Ava's visa, then off to Hong Kong for our last night in Asia. It truly has been a remarkable time. All of my months of holding back the tears have come to an end. Our hearts are full with joy and sentiment. What an amazing journey God has allowed us to take to get our daughter. We wouldn't trade it for the world.

We may be able to post an update from Hong Kong - if not, we'll be in touch after we return home later this weekend.

Love to you from China -

Jim, Michelle and Ava Lu


Donna said...

Thanks for sharing your amazing journey! I've loved every minute of it and can't wait to see Ava Lu getting settled into her new home and life in the USA!

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Anonymous said...

Hi friends!
I'm writing through some tears as I just read your posts and saw your amazing pictures! I am soooo thrilled for all three of you. What a time you are having. I love that she is already in big bows! A girlie girl just like you Michelle :) Can't wait to see you all in person.
Love and prayes,

Anonymous said...

Welcome home! Looks like it's been an absolutely amazing trip, but I'm sure you'll be thrilled to be home and start settling in to life as a family...

blessings to you all!
Deanna and Nicholas

The Cramer's of PA said...

Hello Michelle, Jim and Ava Lu,

I don't know if you remember me or should i say us but it is Kelly Cramer of PA formerly of CA. We worked together at NGS. I have heard the wonderful news from Alyssa at NGS, she still works there. Mary Lynn had told her the story and she gave me this wedsite. I always knew you would be a wonderful parents and how exciting that you have adopted Ava Lu from China. I can only wonder how this experience has been for you. Congratulations to the 3 of you as you begin your lives together. I now have 3 children and stay at home with them. Bailey is now 9, Jack is 5 1/2 and I had another girl in March, Peyton and she is now 8 months. Many years have past since we last spoke but i remember your house vididly and remember taking pictures out on your porch. I actually still have them up. I hope this fines you well and Thanksgiving approaches, boy we all have lots to be thankful for. I would love to hear from you and will put this website in my favorites. Take care Michelle, Jim and Ava Lu and look forward to reconnecting with you all. Kevin, Kelly, Bailey, Jack and Peyton Cramer!! :)