Saturday, March 3, 2007

Back in Guangzhou

We made it back to Guangzhou. The USAA China Team is amazing. We really can't say enough about their care and concierge services for us. We just leave our bags outside our hotel room door and they have them picked up, taken to the airport for us and checked in. Then, somehow they arrive outside our room at the next hotel. They truly are a blessing.

Ava slept through the entire plane ride (1.5 hours) - now, how can we repeat that sleep on the 12 hour flight when we come home? Her transition to the new hotel room seems fine. She and I played on the escalators in the lobby at the China Hotel for about 15 minutes - she likes action, motion, lights, color and new experiences. I guess she is truly a "spicy girl" - that's what they call the babies from Chongqing, the Sichuan (spice) region.

Here are some pictures from our last day in Chongqing. You can see that Ava Lu was intrigued by Jim's shoe shine service that he received on the street. Also, Ava is enjoying her first ice cream sundae!

We felt a bit of a tug when we left Chongqing today. I think Jim and I will forever have a love in hearts for that city - the very place where we received our dear daughter!

Thanks for all your comments on our blog and e-mails to us while we are away. We so appreciate your love and support.

Jim and Michelle

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Michelle and Jim . . and baby Ava! It has been so exciting to read and watch your amazing and wonderful journey. I can't imagine waiting all of this time to see her beautiful face, so thank you so much for taking the time to let us travel this journey with you! Ava is absolutely precious . . there really are not words! We shared your pictures with the church today and the Oohs and Ahhs were abundant! They are so thrilled. Our love and prayers are with you and we can hardly wait to see you . . all together!
P.S. Michelle, don't worry about your hair being on the massive screens at church! I explained the curling iron/straightening iron situation. They had a good laugh! And besides, everyone is looking at AVA!!