Monday, March 5, 2007

A ride on a mini airplane and a check-up visit today

Ava Lu had her adoption medical clearance today. She is, as we knew, healthy. I didn't jot down all the notes from the report but I did catch her weight - only 20 lbs, with clothes and shoes on. She's a petite baby girl.

While we were at the Shamian Island (place where the medical clinic is), we shopped, had Starbucks and enjoyed the island. One of the highlights was Ava's first mini airplane carnival ride. She squealed and laughed the whole time. Below are photos from our day.

Tomorrow is a half day of paperwork completion in preparation for our consulate appointment later this week.

All is well here - just enjoying our time together with Ava.


Jim and Michelle


Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to keep the blog updated and the fun new pictures coming. It feels like we're right there with you -- which is so much fun. I love the photo of Ava looking up to the sky that's at the top of the blog... she has such happiness and hope in her face as she's thanking God for her wonderful new parents!

Anonymous said...

Mike and I finally got the address for the blog site. It is sooooo wonderful to see all the pictures of your new family and read about all the wonderful experiences you are sharing. Mike and I are so excited for you guys. The amazing thing about all of it is the fact that I can't imagine you two without Ava in the picture. Everything seems so natural. Wow! You can see the deep connection already. Thank God for answering all those prayers. We love you guys and can't wait to see you 3!!!! All our love, Mike and Staci