Thursday, June 4, 2009

Preschool promotion

Ava Lu had her 1st year preschool promotion program last night. She was sunshine on a stick (to use one of my friend Kim's sayings) on the stage singing her songs with the class - with such excitement, exuberance and life!

Her little hat kept falling off - my fault, I made it too small. I'll do better next year baby girl, I promise!
I sat on the front row with tears in my eyes - tears of joy and amazement: I am so blessed to be this little jewel's mommy!
I love you, Ava Lu. You are my sunshine!

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Donna said...

She IS a jewel! And I love her Amethyst colored graduation hat! (Okay, it's more the color of grape jelly but I was trying to stick with the jewel theme) ;)

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