Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ava Lu's makes front page news

While we were up in Tahoe for a few days, a San Fran Chronicle photographer captured Ava Lu for his front page story on the water levels and spring snow in CA!

How fun was it for her daddy to go to the store to purchase a paper and see his precious girl right on the frontpage. Full color, above the fold. When Ava Lu makes a debut into news, she goes right to the top :).

We love our precious daughter so much. What a blessing that her delightful face brought smiles to so many! I know my dad would have gotten the biggest smile when he picked up that paper at the store.

A proud mommy,


Donna said...

Such a gorgeous photo! No wonder she made the front page! :)

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Jessica Roy said...

Love her look - so fiercely adventurous! It was SO fun to see her on the front page!