Friday, September 5, 2008

Breakfast with Ellie!

and, Maria & John too!

While we were in So. Cal, we got together with John, Maria & Ellie for breakfast one morning. This truly was one of our highlights.

John and Maria were in our China travel group and Ellie and Ava Lu are both spicy girls from Chonquing. It was so wonderful to spend time with such dear ones to our heart - we were together with us when we received our beautiful daughters in China and we had such a great time bonding with them in China over the course of our two weeks there. I called Ellie "the Empress" from day 1 and she truly still is "the Empress" - such deep, striking beauty! She's a beautiful, spirited girl. It's wonderful to see her as she grows.

After breakfast, Uncle Robert treated the girls to Cold St*ne Ice Cream. Such fun!
When Ava Lu sees Ellie's pictures, she says, "I love Ellie." They are such cute friends.
Thank you, John, Maria & Ellie, for the breakfast date. It was great to see you and we look forward to more time together in the not-to-distant future.
Jim, Michelle & Ava Lu

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