Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mother-Daughter Brunch

We had the blessing of going to a mother-daughter brunch today. Those of you who know me well, know I used to avoid these events like the plague! Oh, those years of thinking "it was never going to happen." I'm so glad that God had a plan far greater than my dreams or hopes.

This picture just takes my breath away!

Ava Lu sure enjoyed the strawberries and all the fun in grandma's beautiful garden.Here are Sammy and Kylie, Ava Lu's cousins. She had fun playing with them and all their attention.
Thank you, Blanca, for taking these pictures to capture the memories of our first mother-daughter event. It will forever be a warm memory of true fulfillment.

Looking foward to Mother's Day #2. Presents aren't necessary - I have my forever gift of the heart!


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Love our girl